Two Story Sheds by Waterloo Structures

Many of our clients have far more intensive storage requirements than a standard shed design can satisfy, and for this reason Waterloo also offers a range of two story shed configurations for our most space reliant customers. Our two story shed options can be designed with a range of customization options to tailor them to you, making them an excellent investment for those with heavy or unusual storage needs.

Uniquely Built for Outstanding Utility

Our line of two story shed designs can be built in an array of dimensions, colors, material options and floor plans to offer our clients the perfect utility solution for their lifestyles. We offer single two story sheds as well as double-wide two-story sheds to deliver the most versatile storage potential available, both build in the traditional and time tested Amish “raised barn” style for the ultimate in craftsmanship and durability.

Farm Tested Build Quality

Our line of two story sheds are built to endure the rigors of extensive farm use, so they’re as tough as the people who own them. We can build your shed with an architectural grade shingle roofing option guaranteed for 30 years as well as a metal roofing system built for over 4 decades of uninterrupted service. We even offer an array of color options to allow extensive aesthetic customization.

Long Lasting Storage Solutions

Waterloo Structures has remained a trusted name in utility structures in the Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland areas for generations, and our customer driven approach is the most enduring tool of our continued success in construction. If your storage needs have long outgrown what standard shed designs can offer, a two story shed may be then answer you’ve been looking for. We are here to put our experience to work on your property, so call Waterloo today and speak with our team of representatives to begin discussing your custom tailored storage solution.

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